Alhambra and Generalife


The city grew by night under the glow of the torches of fire. People wondered, and called it » Al- Hamra», the red castle

This palace and city was conceived as belonging to the garden of Eden, a secret paradise, isolated from the reality outside, a mirrow of heaven, but, mainly, an idea…..

A slice of Paradise, where, even the walls, whisper poetry…….

» I am the Garden adorned by beauty, I will know whether you see my beauty. Oh Mohammed, my king, I try to equal the noblest thing that has ever existed or will ever exist. Sublime work of art , fate wants me to outshine every other moment in history »

Ibn Zamrack. 14th century

«..Contemplate my beauty and you will  find my being….», says one of the tacas in Al-hambra palace

All things have a facade and a mystery behind it. Those who discover  the Al-hambra´s essence are spellbound by it.

-About the tour-

Walking tour with an expert in Andalusian Heritage. A journey that will enlighten us about the Alhambra though its main aesthetic and historical features arousing our five senses , as the Alhambra speaks  through the beautiful poems inscribed on its walls, we can listen to the murmur of the water as it flows enveloping us .We can feel its presence through the  romantic stories left behind, and find it in the smell of scented gardens adorned with bright and colorful fruits.. A tour that features the old fortress of Alhamar, the lavish Nasrid Palaces, and Generalife, which seem to be a representation of an earthly paradise….


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-Acerca del Tour-

Un recorrido a pie de unas tres horas, acompañados por un guía oficial, un intérprete experto del patrimonio. Un paseo que nos ayudará a entender la Alhambra a través de sus principales aspectos estéticos e históricos. Un viaje en el que nuestros cinco sentidos están involucrados, desde la Alhambra se nos habla a través de sus hermosos poemas inscritos en sus paredes, se puede escuchar en el sonido del agua en todas partes presente en cualquier estado, podemos sentir a través de sus leyendas románticas, y encontrarlo en el olor de mirto e hierbas de sus jardines… un recorrido que incluye la antigua fortaleza de Alhamar, los lujosos palacios Nazaries, que parecen ser una representación del paraiso terrenal…

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